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Atterbury Theatre 4 Daventry Street, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria 0081

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Mezzotono takes their unique and original show all around the world, featuring only five voices that imitate the sound of various instruments. Their comical approach,
delivered in English, encourages audience participation without being pushy. The show covers a wide range of music styles, including jazz, pop, bossa nova, mambo, tango, folklore, big band, and classical music. Mezzotono proves that with voices alone, anything is possible. Their music has been enjoyed in theatres across more than 50 countries and 5
continents, making Mezzotono the European vocal group with the highest number of countries visited in the world with their own music.
Their impressive experiences include performing at the Dubai Jazz Festival with James Morrison and Jonathan Butler, touring 12 theatres in China, and playing at the
Cairo Opera House concert, Johor Bahru Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Boston Green Festival in the USA, Jornadas Musicales del Norte in Chile and Argentina, and
touring 12 African nations. In Italy, they have also performed in many theatres and on TV channels such as RAI, Mediaset, and Sky.