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Louise Carver Presents Home Tour Live

Atterbury Theatre 4 Daventry Street, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria 0081

Buy Tickets - 220 ZAR

Singer/songwriter Louise Carver, a passionate advocate of South African music,

envisioned a live show that would celebrate the country’s diverse talent and captivate audiences worldwide.

With the guidance of theatre producer Collett Dawson, Louise has curated a 75-minute production that transcends ordinary performances.

The show seamlessly blends iconic classics like “Paradise Road” and “Weeping” with newer hits and Louise’s own chart-toppers, creating a tapestry of soulful ballads, rock anthems, and vibrant rhythms.

The carefully crafted setlist, storytelling, and impeccable performances will transport listeners to a place of nostalgia and emotion.

With Louise on piano and vocals, Simphiwe Kulla on guitar with his beautiful backing vocals and the brilliant Kenny Williams on percussion, this powerful trio create an acoustic symphony that unites talent and passion, reconnecting the audience to a place of nostalgia and their South African roots.