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39 Ways to make training stick – Chris Fenning

Atterbury Theatre 4 Daventry Street, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria 0081

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39 ways to make training stick
Live event workshop
20 February 2024
08:30 to 13:00


As part of “The First Minute” tour 2024 by award-winning author Chris Fenning, we will be hosting a workshop based on his new book “39 ways to make training stick”.

Do you want your training to have a lasting and unforgettable impact?

Are you tired of seeing your trainees slip back into old habits as  soon after training is over?

If yes, you need the 39 ways to make training stick. This workshop is a practical guide to well … make training stick!

  • Discover the 8 categories and 39 unique ways to make training stick.
  • Find the approach that works for you, for your topic, and for your trainees.
  • Design your first “Make training stick” method.
  • Leave with at least one tangible solution you can implement right away.


08:30 – Welcome
08:45 – Workshop part 1
10:00 – Break
10:30 – Panel discussion
11:00 – Workshop part 2
12:00 – Networking and book signing

About Chris:

Chris Fenning makes it easier for us to communicate at work. He helps experts talk to non-experts, teams talk to executives, and much more. Chris’s practical methods are used in organisations like Google and NATO, and have appeared in the Harvard Business Review.

He is also the author of multiple award-winning books that have been translated into 15 languages.

With decades of experience, Chris has seen first-hand how one-and-done training rarely delivers results. To overcome this, he combined his own post-training methods with those used by other top-level trainers, and created 39 Ways to Make Training Stick.  

Book sales:

Preorder the books for signature at the event here:

  • 39 ways to make training stick: R250
  • The first minute: R250