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Who we are

The Atterbury Theatre is a superb auditorium style theatre, and at the same time it is optimally ‘tuned’ in terms of spatial acoustical properties. The theatre is situated on the corner of Lynnwood Road and Daventry Street in the east of Pretoria as part of the Lynnwood Bridge Retail development.

There is also ‘n well-equipped cash bar in the foyer, where guests can enjoy a drink before a show or during interval. The foyer and bar area walks out onto a balcony with a view over one of the most beautiful parts of Pretoria.

The Atterbury Theatre opened its doors in 2011 and has welcomed more than 500 000 people to the theatre for entertainment of all genres in the past 11 years.

This popular theatre forms part of the Atterbury Trust initiative.


Architectural style

The curved auditorium stands out above the adjacent retail development, thus creating a distinctive landmark in the east of Pretoria. On the ground level, the theatre walks out on the piazza, where it forms part of the four separate retail buildings.

An acoustic design model has determined the shape, heights, volumes and surface finishes of the auditorium, which was designed by an acoustic engineer.

11 Years in numbers


Years of existence

2 950


950 000

Feet through our doors


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